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How far in advance should I book the band?

There is no hard and fast rule except to say “the sooner, the better!” Our groups are generally booked six to eight months in advance – sometimes even more. As soon as you are sure of your date you should choose your band. The longer you wait, the less chance you have of getting the group you want.

Will you play a special request, even if it’s not on your songlist?

Yes! We are happy to learn a special song for you provided that we are given enough time. We generally ask that you send us a CD or tape of the song with sheet music if possible. Sometimes there are songs that we know that aren’t on our list – so please ask!

Should I pick the songs I want played?

Yes and no. You shouldn’t try to write our set lists. Knowing what to play is an important part of our job and we do it well! We prefer to have you highlight some things you especially like, as well as those you just can’t stand. Please keep in mind that a song that you may not especially like could be the favorite of many of your guests. Our goal is to keep the dance floor full of happy campers!

Who will emcee (make the announcements)?

Our band leaders all serve as emcees, and they do a great job. They start by being prepared well in advance of your party. They will send you our Wedding Planning Guide, and then follow up with telephone interviews, emails, faxes, and whatever it takes to know everything you want announced during the event. They can introduce the wedding party into the room, bring the best man up for a toast, orchestrate the bouquet tossing, or anything else you might think of.

How many hours will I have the band?

A typical party is four hours long. In some cases dinner and dancing are preceded by a cocktail reception, and we can provide you with one, two, or three musicians from the band for background music. It sounds terrific, and it’s less expensive than hiring the whole band for an extra hour.

How many breaks does the band take, and for how long?

The industry standard is three 20-minute breaks during a four hour engagement, or one 15-minute break per hour. Whereas we feel that breaks are important, we always strive to flow with the food service or other aspects of the party. We will coordinate with you and your event planner to insure that our breaks are well-timed!

Do you provide music during the breaks? Who chooses this music?

Yes, we have an assortment of CDs that we play during breaks. The style of music is chosen based on whether guests are eating or the party is in “high gear!” If you wish to provide the CD or tape, just let us know.

What are your stage and electrical requirements?

We usually request a 12′ x 24′ stage for our 8-10 piece bands. This gives enough room for the singers to move around a bit without everyone else being cramped. Naturally, a show such as “Vintage” requires a larger stage. Three or four separate electrical circuits are optimum. It is a good idea to check with your band leader well in advance.

Can you recommend any vendors?

Sure! Take a look at our list of recommended vendors.